Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyers Regan Zambri and Long write a post about a study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine regarding patterns of sleep apnea in truck drivers. Criminal Defense practitioners should take note of this study as well:

When the participants took driving tests, those who suffered from sleep apnea had motor skills impairments consistent with drunk driving. Of the truckers with sleep apnea, one-third of them also experienced attention lapses comparable to intoxication.

Oftentimes, when police find someone who has “passed out behind the wheel”, they jump to the conclusion of intoxication. DWI defense lawyers need to be aware of all the possible reasons someone may seem intoxicated, when in fact they are not.

  • Vincent

    If a third DWI has been filed against a person and it is a felony and no court date has been set and the person leaves the state of Texas and never appear in court how long does the warrant stay active?

  • Russell Harris

    i had no idea that my sleep apnea cold have been a contributing factor in my dwi’s…my question is could my sleep apnea contribute to false readings on a breathalyzer test?