Posey County Prosecutor Jodi Uebelhack brags about Posey County, Illinois’ new forfeiture program in this story from WFIE Evansville Channel 14 news.  I’ll leave commenting on the wisdom and ultimate fairness of seizing assets from "suspected" but not yet convicted drug dealers for another post.  But check out the quote from the County prosecutor at near the end of the article:

"It may well deter using the vehicles. I don’t know that it will deter the drug dealing," says Uebelhack.

Isn’t that an admission by the state that this tactic on the so called "War on Drugs" is a failure?  It’s all about supply and demand; and here’s the prosecutor admitting that civil forfeiture of assets in drug cases won’t help solve the problem itself.

  • sarah gray

    Drugs are an addiction and the law isn’t going to stop that. As with many diseases, you can treat the symptoms, but you can’t prevent it or cure it. Jodi has done a wonderful job in doing her part to control and stop what she can. You can’t stop or cure a drug addict.