Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 12.03 Aggravated Offenses, Attempt, Conspiracy, Solicitation, Organized Criminal Activity

(a) The limitation period for criminal attempt is the same as that of the offense attempted.

(b) The limitation period for criminal conspiracy or organized criminal activity is the same as that of the most serious offense that is the object of the conspiracy or the organized criminal activity.

(c) The limitation period for criminal solicitation is the same as that of the felony solicited.

(d) Except as otherwise provided by this chapter, any offense that bears the title "aggravated" shall carry the same limitation period as the primary crime.

  • Lisa

    what would be the amount of years for statue of limitation on a aggravated assult?

  • david turner
  • chris

    i was the subject of extortion and witness tampering some years ago. if i wanted to go back to the detective and file charges what is the statute of limitations on these offenses where the individual(s) can no longer be charged?

  • Judy White

    In June of 2011 I was bugularized, bullied, terrorized, had a check forged on my checking account, and had my home, barn, and store room wrecked and stold over 10,000 dollars worth of valuables from my premises,under the disguise of a group called “neighbor helping neighbor” out of a book for seniors put out by ACCOG.The group was headed by an ACCOG “Director” and her staff and her staffs children. The converson has wrecked my life. Due to my Low income,I am 71 and a widow with no family, I live on social security,NO,NO lawyer would help. Legal aid would not help due to possible monatery returns. The sheriff and DA were trying to show me who was boss, because I had complained to the Texas Ranger about the corruption of the sheriff, and therfore the sheriff refused to prosacute the case. I went to the News media, the FBI,News Paper, who did not keep an appt. the DA, the Attorney General, Better Business, You name it I went there. No one would help, I have no record or offence.John Cornen made fun of me, and Judith Zaffaranie’s office did little.Now that the statute of limitations are over what options to I have? My soul will not let me rest till all of these criminals are brought to account. What would you do? Please Help.