Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 12.06

An indictment is considered as "presented" when it has been duly acted upon by the grand jury and received by the court.

  • Does this pertain to misdemeanors also or are grand jury’s for felonies only?

  • Bobbie Saunders

    How long do they have to file an indictment?

  • Jan

    How long after an arrest for F1 offense does the DA have before filing an indictment?

  • r. cardona

    my son has been in jail for 1 year and is due to exit in 3 days. he is now being endited for a gun found nearby during the arrest,it happened in november of 2009,does this exceed staute of limitations.for Uvalde county Texas,or do we need an attorney?

  • r. cardona

    how long after an arrest can a gun charge does the DA have before filing an edictment?

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  • That Dude

    Manufacturing and delivering controlled substance (methamphetamine) MDMA, Theft of Firearm.. how long do they have to indict?