§ 33.03.  Defenses

It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under Section 33.02 that the actor was an officer, employee, or agent of a communications common carrier or electric utility and committed the proscribed act or acts in the course of employment while engaged in an activity that is a necessary incident to the rendition of service or to the protection of the rights or property of the communications common carrier or electric utility.

  • Sharon Southers-Allen

    TX A/G assisting a DA? What a joke. I have proven the Judge and the DA violated State & Federal Laws with my brother, and he has done nothing.
    But maybe that’s because the same DA in Ellis, CO. has filed 3 lawsuits against our A/G for cover-ups. Waxahachie, Ellis, County, Texas is above the law and has been for two decades. No one messes with them, but me! My story was published in two Newspapers, then I became a CO-Writer and Freelance Reporter. I call them out by name with all my accusations and call them liars, corrupt Officials, low-life-scum and much more, and dared them for 3 years to come clean. What do they do? They sue Attorney General Greg Abbott.I never worry about a lawsuit, because they fear me! It would be opening Pandora’s Box, then all the dirty deeds, violations and such would come into the light. The last thing they want!

  • Sharon Southers-Allen

    Can anyone explain 22.021 A & B

    No he is not guilty, but was railroaded by these corrupt idiots!