The good folks over at LexBlog have done a terrific job of designing the look, not to mention the technical aspects, of my new blog.

Here’s a shout-out to the people that I know were involved: Kevin, Ryan, Jesse and Colin. I’m sure there were several others who contributed as well, so, let me give them an anonymous thank you as well.

I appreciate the good work you guys have done, and I’m sure this blog will be able to fulfill its purpose: to inform the general public about important news items and developments in criminal law, especially here in Austin, Texas.

Thanks again guys!

  • You’re most welcome Jamie. I’ll make sure everyone at LexBlog sees this message (assuming they’re not monitoring their RSS feeds).

    It’s an honor to represent lawyers like you. And I mean that sincerely.

    Reading the ‘About Me’ section on this blog I got a glimpse of your passion for criminal defense work. I can only hope our work shows half that passion.