Kudos to the Indianapolis Star Newspaper for including the text of the Sixth Amendment alongside a story about the conviction of a sex offender being overturned.

Perhaps the most important quote in the story (likely to be missed by the casual reader) is

He now faces a retrial in Hamilton County.

This defendant (let’s assume he is guilty) will not be “getting away with it”, which is what I suspect the prevailing reaction of readers will be. He will simply face retrial on the same charge, but with all the protections all American citizens face when they are accused.

The “kudos” are for whatever journalist or reporter decided to quote the text of the Sixth Amendment for readers to see along with the substantive story itself. I applaud any effort to educate the American public about their rights, even when those rights apply to people they inherently and instinctively abhor. The rights they take away from the guilty, are the rights they take away from you when you are innocent but accused.