Hat Tip to Andrew Bluestone of New York Attorney Malpractice blog for finding this juror’s post after a case. I always find that listening to jurors’ views after a case is extremely important. You can always improve what you did at trial. The same is true for cases you weren’t involved in. Points from the juror:

  • “The attorneys on both sides of my case were ill-prepared and disorganized. An hour spent before trial formulating an outline for their presentation of evidence and organizing documents could have turned this three-day trial into an afternoon.” Think how well one side could have done, if they had prepared and the other hadn’t.
  • “The top concern on most jurors’ minds is getting back to their normal lives in a timely manner. If either side had displayed through their actions that they valued the court’s time, it might have won them the case.” The quote says it all.
  • “The plaintiff’s counsel used closing arguments to put on an angry show, snarling as he proclaimed his disgust at the defense. Even though his words rang true, the melodrama turned off and alienated most of the jury.” While it might make for good TV lawyering, this sort of bluster almost always annoys jurors – and that can’t be good for your client.