Miami criminal defense lawyer Brian Tannebaum writes here that Rush Limbaugh called District Attorney Mike Nifong “a hack” for saying that he had not yet interviewed the complainant in the alleged rape case at Duke University.

I’ll admit to not listening to Limbaugh, so I’m not an expert on his views, but, one has to wonder whether his concern for the criminal defendants in this case springs at least in part from his own recent experience with our criminal justice system.

As you may remember, his defense was predicated on procedural rather than substantive grounds…which is a fancy way of saying he asserted his constitutional rights rather than professed “actual innocence”.

As to the old saw “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged; a conservative is a liberal who has been indicted”…I think there’s some truth to the notion that people in general don’t care about other people’s constitutional rights not to be searched or indefinitely detained…until the other people turn out to be them. Human nature I suppose.

  • val

    shouldn’t it be
    “a liberal is a conservative who has been indicted”