Grits for Breakfast posts some suggestions on reforming Texas’ criminal justice system, as well as continues his excellent series on Texas recidivism rates.

Wretched of the Earth reviews the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ridiculous decision that finds one of the most coercive DWI blood draw examples as lawful and voluntary.

David Feige at Indefensible writes a stinging indictment of the popular media’s portrayal of public defenders.

Over at the Law.Com Blog Network Carolyn Elefant and Robert Ambrogi discuss legal gossip blogs and the comparative lack of lawyer blogs in Iowa respectively.

And finally, Howard Bashman reports on seemingly everything law related over at How Appealing.

  • Yes, Howard is ubiquitous and omniscient, a true blogging god. All Hail Howard. I don’t know how that guy has a law practice. He’s been doing it THAT well since long before Grits started.

    Thanks for the plugs!