CHAPTER 106. Provisions Relating to Age

Section 106.01.   Definition

Section 106.02.   Purchase of Alcohol by a Minor

Section 106.025. Attempt to Purchase Alcohol by a Minor

Section 106.03.   Sale of Alcohol to a Minor 

Section 106.04.   Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor (MIC)

Section 106.041. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol by Minor

Section 106.05.   Possession of Alcohol by a Minor (MIP)

Section 106.06.   Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor; Purchase of Alcohol for a Minor

Section 106.07.   Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor

Section 106.071. Punishment for Alcohol-Related Offense by a Minor

Section 106.08.   Importation by a Minor

Section 106.09.   Employment of Minors

Section 106.10.   Plea of Guilty by a Minor

Section 106.115. Attendance at Alcohol Awareness Course; License Suspension

Section 106.116. Reports of Court to Commission

Section 106.117. Report of Court to Department of Public Safety

Section 106.12.   Expungement of Conviction of a Minor

Section 106.13.   Sanctions Against Retailer

Section 106.14.   Actions of Employee

Section 106.15.   Prohibited Activities by Persons Younger Than 18