One of the most positive aspects of practicing criminal law in Austin, Texas is the collegiate atmosphere shared among my defense brethren. The practice of criminal defense actually consists of enormous amounts of standing around in court time, waiting for something to happen. (I’ve previously posted on some of the other “not like TV” aspects of criminal defense.)

One way lawyers pass the time (as we wait for the lawyer in front of us to plead his case, or wait for the court probation officer or a client to complete paperwork, or wait to be let into the jail, etc.) is to talk about interesting current cases we have pending, and various legal issues raised by our clients’ cases.

I am appreciative of both the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other lawyers on my own cases, as well as the intellectual exercise of listening to someone else’s questions about an issue. Very often, talking to other lawyers about their cases will often lead to new ideas on how best to represent my own clients.

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