Initially optimistic about an opinion piece in the Eureka Times-Standard that started:

The war on drugs is a failure, and it is a scourge on our society.

“It” is a scourge on our society… where the word “it” modifies “war on drugs”. Well that’s certainly true. Few things have caused our society more economic and moral harm than the War on Drugs.

The writer then turns to great world leaders, to see how they handled the problem:

In 1949, when Mao Zedong took over control of Red China, he was faced with a huge problem, for a significant portion of the population was addicted to opium and this was destroying the country from within. Mao ordered that all opium dens be closed and anyone using opium be put to death.

Four years and 44 million people later, Mao didn’t have an opium problem in his country or any other drug-related problem in his country. Today, China still doesn’t have significant drug problem, for those who are caught with drugs are put to death immediately.

Let’s see, what’s our point here? “Chairman Mao wasn’t all bad; at least he put drug users to death”? 

I can’t help wondering though… might there be more reasonable solutions to our prison overcrowding problem?

  • Pat

    Hi Jamie:

    As authoritarian drug warriors are cornered more and more by the failures of the drug war prohibition policy they revert more and more to their natural state, bloodlusting fascism.

    Human Events Magazine
    In Defense of the Drug War
    by John Hawkins (of Right Wing News blog)

    This is a good example. Hawkins finally comes to the point that Reagan drug czar had the solution right when he advocated the Saudi Arabian solution of beheading drug dealers.

    I didn’t write about this particular point but i did write a thing about the Hawkins essay. Defending the right-wing drug war