The government is extremely multifaceted, so which agency am I referring to? The University of Texas at Austin’s University Health Services.

Instead of promoting fear and paranoia, or subsidizing the private prison industry lobby, their mission is to “support academic pursuits by fostering physical and psychological wellness and by promoting healthy lifestyles among UT students”. Perhaps this frees them up from the usual propaganda requirements.

At any rate, check out the UHS page on Marijuana. Some selected portions:

Q: Smoking marijuana causes laziness and saps motivation.

A: Undetermined, but it appears to be more false than true. The lack of motivation that some heavy users experience often can be attributed to other factors such as the use of alcohol or other drugs, depression, or other underlying personality characteristics.

Q: Marijuana is a "gateway drug." (That is, smoking pot leads to using harder drugs.)

A: This is most likely false. Most drug users don’t begin with marijuana, but start with tobacco and alcohol at a fairly young age. People who go on to use harder drugs tend to be experimenters. Pot is just one of several or many drugs that experimenters may try.

Q: Use of marijuana promotes aggression and crime.

A: This is generally false. Marijuana usually has a calming effect. Most criminals who use marijuana began committing crimes before they started smoking pot. On the other hand, a couple of studies have shown a correlation between heavy marijuana use in teenagers and aggressive behavior, disruptive behavior, and crime. It’s important to note that correlations do not necessarily show cause and effect.

Wow. The three major themes about marijuana on the Drug Czar’s blog contradicted with science and syllogistic logic.

I have saved the webpage in its current format, in case these crazy doctor folks ever get pressured into replacing the current marijuana information page with more standard government fare. Here’s hoping that this little bit of truth, however, is allowed to stay online.