Texas has no medical exception for possession of marijuana…but California does.

And living in the “California of Texas” – Austin – we have Whole Foods, Central Market, and of course, the “Keep Austin Weird” movement that was even featured on 60 minutes.

So I had to laugh when I read the San Francisco Gate article “Connoisseurs of Cannabis”. Subtitled appropriately “Like fine wine, growing medicinal weed has become so specialized as to inspire tastings and a new vocabulary”:

And if there is a center in the United States for this breed of maven, it is California, particularly the Bay Area.

In a region of wine and food buffs, where there is a constant quest for the best bread, cheese or olive oil, it’s no wonder that marijuana, in its semi-legal status, has become a new frontier for expertise.

There are medicinal consumers who covet designer strains and varietals — such as the one grown and harvested only by women in a remote northern county — or who want organic products and say they can taste what soil or fertilizer was used and want to know the lineage of what they consume, as well as the expected effects.

Of course, the Federal Government is still spending your tax dollars on literally useless prosecutions.

[Hat Tip: Drug Law Blog]