Everybody with any interest in a criminal defense attorney’s perspective on marijuana defense in Austin should go see Charlie Roadman give his second annual Marijuana for Musicians presentation at The Mohawk on Red River at 8:00.

Quoting my own review from last year’s talk:

Charlie’s PowerPoint presentation was both humorous and informative, especially for the lay public. He started with the narrative from the infamous Matthew McConaughey naked bongo arrest, taken right from the original Police Report in that case.

He went on to explain the process that defense lawyers go through when defending someone arrested for Possession of Marijuana. Throughout the presentation were excerpts from Police Reports and other tidbits from actual clients of his, along with tips I’d call “How to make your lawyer’s job easier if you want him to get you the best possible deal”.

I hear Charlie has upped the ante this year, and added even more to the talk. And you don’t need to be a musician to be curious about what your rights are…