I haven’t yet seen the documentary “Damage Done”, but after reading the review in the Vancouver Sun, I just might.

Of course, it sounds like it will tell me what I already know:

More than 38 years after former U.S. president Richard Nixon officially started the War on Drugs, North America now has more drugs at lower prices than ever before; police corruption is largely the result of the insanely huge amounts of money that organized crime has to spread around; just as alcohol prohibition in the U.S. in the 1920s was responsible for creating gangsters such as Al Capone, so too is drug prohibition largely responsible for allowing organized crime to flourish today; and North America’s huge appetite for illegal drugs doesn’t come from addicts but from occasional users.

As the article points out, however, it comes from a different perspective. Instead of listening to life long Drug Policy Reform advocates, medical marijuana advocates, and the like…

Damage Done takes a much more subversive approach by talking to police officers and justice officials, the assault troops on the front lines of the drug war. As members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, their story is depressingly familiar: almost without exception, they started out as true believers in the war but ended up coming to the realization that they were just part of a drug enforcement industry that thrives on keeping drugs illegal.

Their message? Our current system of drug prohibition doesn’t work and needs to change.

Here’s a link to the LEAP website, for those of you unfamiliar with the organization.

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