This is a survey post. I’m asking my readers to email me ( and let me know which blogs they subscribe to that are criminal defense related.

These can be:

  • Criminal Defense Lawyer Blogs
  • Prosecutor Blogs
  • Law School Professor Blogs
  • Law Student Blogs
  • Appellate Court Blogs
  • Legislative Update Blogs
  • Niche Blogs on a Particular Subject of Interest
  • Any Other Blog You Think Is Relevant

It’s not necessary that the primary or only focus be criminal justice/criminal defense. I’m looking for new blogs to add to my (and your) readers with this survey.

I will post an update with links to every blog sent to me – including, of course, your own, as well as a list of which blogs are most read by my readers. (I say “My readers” because I recently passed the 30,000 unique visitor mark in 6 months of blogging, and currently my Feedburner Stats show me at an average of 76 Circulation over the last 30 days.)

If anyone uses FeedDemon as their newsreader, I’d really appreciate an export of your feeds. This can be done by clicking File/Export Feeds/All Folders/OK, then save to desktop and forward the OPML file that is created as an attachment. I’m sure there’s a way to export all feeds in other readers, but I can’t give you such a blow by blow description.

If I get a decent amount of responses to this post, perhaps I can try this every 3 to 6 months or so, and criminal defense/prosecutor bloggers will have a good source for new criminal law blogs.

Don’t forget: all repsonders will get (at least) one backward link to their own blog, or static webpage.  Thanks in advance.

[Update: Hat Tip to Anne Reed for being the ‘first responder’.  Keep ’em coming folks.]