Criminal Defense Attorney Stephen Gustitis emailed me awhile back and asked:

I’m a defense lawyer in Bryan, Texas and I started a blog for clients entitled "The Defense Perspective." I see how successful you have been getting backlinks to your blog from other bloggers. I am not sure how to go about doing that. Can you help me? Thanks.

My reply:

There are 2 main ways:

  • Content, Content, Content. Looks like you are already starting to put good content on your blog, so that will help.
  • Link out to other people who are writing on similar topics. Basically, to get them to notice that you exist in the first place, the easiest thing to do is to cut and paste from something they wrote (while, of course, acknowledging them and linking back to them), and then comment on what they wrote.

I’d be happy to chat with you about blogging some time if you want. My number is (512) 472 9909.

Nothing, and I mean nothing will beat good content. I can already tell that Steve’s blog is going to succeed, because in the 45 days (or so) that he has been blogging, he has covered topics such as Habeas Corpus, expunctions, search warrants, DWI, Field Sobriety Tests…just to name a few.

It’s clear to me from the content of Steve’s posts that he knows what he’s talking about. Likewise, it will be clear to prospective clients that if they are charged with [DWI, Theft, Assault, Possession of Marijuana] in Bryan/College Station, they should probably call him…for the same reason: he knows what he is talking about.

That’s the great thing about blogging. It’s very personal, in its own way. I have been really surprised that folks arrested in Austin will call me up and tell me they have spent a good deal of time reading my blog. It sparked their interest, and now they want to set up a consultation. Many times, I haven’t talked about their exact situation…but they can tell from what I’ve written that I just might be the lawyer for them.

But, and this is an important “but”… but starting a new blog can be a classic case of “the chicken or the egg”.

It’s great to have good content, content that everyone will read and appreciate…but what good does it do if Google doesn’t know your blog exists?

That’s where part 2 of my answer comes in: Link out to other bloggers.

Already established bloggers frequently check services like Technorati to see who is linking back to them. For example, I currently see 157 other blogs linking to this one, and 108 bloggers linking to my newer DWI Blog.

If some new lawyer blog writes a post commenting on something I have written, you can bet I will find out about it, and then… what…?

I’ll add them to my RSS reader, keep track of their blog, and eventually link back to them. 

That’s it for now…more on this topic at a later date.

In the meantime, if you are a lawyer starting a new blog, wanting links back to you, please feel free to email me at I’ll find a way to help get you started. Also, if you’re considering starting a “lawyer blog” (AKA “blawg”), feel free to email me. I’m always happy to chat about it.