The second batch of criminal law blogs receiving the most votes, and not necessarily in any particular order:

Wretched of the Earth – fellow Texas criminal defense lawyer, an anonymous PD blogging from (and about) Dallas.

Underdog Blog – Maryland, DC and Virginia criminal lawyer Jon Katz spends loads of time on this excellent blog. I can’t remember the last time he went a day without posting.

Criminal Appeal – focusing on post-conviction practice in the Ninth Circuit, and California state courts, Jonathan Soglin, Jeremy Price and Michael Romano all contribute to this blog, now in its 5th year.

The Volokh Conspiracy – speaking of group blogs, there are no less than 17 regular contributors to one of the oldest and most respected in the blogosphere. Talks about a lot more than just criminal law, but gets enough to votes to come in the second group. – Houston, Texas firm Stradley, Chernoff & Alford mostly posts about trials and jury selection (some of my favorite blawg topics).

Burnt Orange Report – current and former University of Texas students blogging (mostly) about National and Texas politics.

CrimLaw – one of the first criminal defense blogs out there…until the author Ken Lammers went to work for the State. (Still a good blog, though, and now the highest ranking prosecutor blog in the poll.)

Eyewitness Identification Reform Blog – the name says it all, and the most “niche blog” yet named.

The Confrontation Blog – speaking of niche blogs, Michigan Law School Professor Richard Friedman started his after the U.S. Supreme Court 2004 ruling in Crawford v. Washington, and he’s been following relevant developments ever since. – Search and Seizure issues are often the bread and butter of criminal defense practice…here’s a blog with frequent and substantive updates on the subject.

As the Island Floats – Texas State District Court Judge Susan Criss’ blog (so named because her court is in Galveston).

Jury Deliberations – another new blogger (started in March of this year) rising to the top with daily quality posts.

That’s it for the second batch. There were approximately 60+ other blogs receiving votes; I will do my best to get all of them linked to over the next week or so. In the meantime, go update your RSS readers with the above.

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