Well, my spur of the moment Top 10 Criminal Defense Blogs survey/poll turned out to be quite a project. I appreciate everyone’s patience. Let me briefly explain how I will interpret the results.

First, this was never scientific. I asked folks to send in their favorite blogs relating to criminal defense or criminal justice. Some responders voted for themselves (among others) while some did not. I decided to count a response to the poll as a vote for your own blog, whether you included yourself or not.

I also did not include this blog, Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer, or my other blog, Austin DWI Lawyer, in the results although several folks were kind enough to mention them.

I’m going to break this down into three categories: a few blogs received an overwhelming number of votes, several others received quite a few, and this is meant to be inclusive, so I’m going to include an Honorable Mention category as well. 

A total of 11 blogs received the most votes, so I’m bumping this to Top 11 Criminal Law Blogs:

SCOTUS Blog – the most votes hands down. Covering the Supreme Court more thoroughly than any other blog out there, obviously has non criminal law posts…but it got the most votes by far, so I list it #1.

A Public Defender – written by “Gideon,” and protecting the right to effective assistance of counsel.

Sentencing Law & Policy – Ohio State Professor Doug Berman’s blog. Covers all things sentencing related. Much of a criminal defense lawyer’s job involves begging for appropriate sentences for guilty clients, so this one is a must on anyone’s RSS reader.

Blonde Justice – Anonymous public defender blog. Also gets my personal vote for “best sense of humor in a criminal defense blog”.

Defending People – Mark Bennett’s blog is the youngest entry in the top 11. Quite an accomplishment. I suspect it’s due to a lethal combination of high quality and frequent postings.

Grits For Breakfast – Covering the Texas Legislature like no one else can…also, the only non-lawyer to break into the Top 11. For those non-Texans out there, this one is still worth adding to your RSS reader.

Injustice Anywhere – Public Defender in Washington (transplanted from Texas).

Crime & Federalism – Daily commentary on criminal law, civil rights, and what’s new and outrageous in the Law.

TalkLeft – Actually, it’s one of the biggest baddest political blogs out there…but the Denver criminal defense attorney certainly deserves to be on this list.

Capital Defense Weekly – The name says it all. Anyone looking for the capital defense news needs to come here first.

Simple Justice – Criminal Defense lawyer Scott Greenfield’s take on matters involving the court system, popular culture, American history, and, well, everything in between.

That’s the Top 11. As promised before, all entries will be listed, more coming tomorrow.