Commenting on a recent New York Times article about the “recent” popularity of cocaine, Maia Szalavitz hits the nail on the head with her latest entry at the Huffington Post, “So Long Crystal Meth, Hello Cocaine”:

This is the problem with having a demon drug of the moment: all of them can’t possibly be "the worst" and "most addictive" and "most dangerous," but if you look at the news coverage of each new scare, that’s exactly what the coverage claims. When crack came out, it was "more addictive than heroin," (the previous worst drug ever), now meth allegedly makes crack look like "child’s play."

Of course, this is always the tactic that the ONDCP uses. Again, and again, and with no real effect…other than increasing our prison population.

Szalavitz is the co-author of Recovery Options: The Complete Guide: How You and Your Loved Ones Can Understand and Treat Alcohol and Other Drug Problems.  

  • The “in” drug of the moment may not always be worse than the one that preceded it, but I challenge anyone to find a worse drug than crystal meth. If we can legalize meth we can legalize everything.