As previously announced, I will be hosting next week’s edition of Blawg Review.

For those of you unfamiliar with it:

Blawg Review is the blog carnival for everyone interested in law. A blog carnival is a traveling post about a topic or theme… Blawg Review has topics discussed by lawyers, law students and law professors.

Each weekly issue of Blawg Review is made up of article submissions selected from the best recent law blog posts. The blogger that puts together the Blawg Review carnival each week is called the "host".

That’s right. Blogging lawyers of all sorts should check out the submission guidelines, and send me their best legal post of this week. Entries are due by Saturday night. It’s the best practice to send me suggestions through the Blawg Review site itself, rather than to my business or personal email.

Next week’s theme will be criminal defense, and more specifically, the amendments in the Bill of Rights that most effect criminal defendants. But you civil lawyer Blawg Review regulars, don’t despair. Trust me, I’ll work you in too.

I hope to receive submissions from criminal defense attorneys, because we as a group have been severely under represented in previous Blawg Reviews.

Also, by the end of the week (before next week’s edition) I should be able to finish up my prior commitment to list all bloggers nominated and participating in the Criminal Law Blog poll from a few months ago.

  • Joseph

    Thanks so much for posting this, Jamie. Before I read this, I didn’t know a single thing about blog carnivals. Now I know a specific example of one! How do you think blog carnivals would work with a medical scheduling guide , though?