Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" is improper student speech.  Via Students for Sensible Drug Policy, try your hand at guessing which of these statements you can and can’t say now…


    I love it when my amendments get suppressed. I run a headshop and I cant even say bong… What’s this country coming to when a drug that invokes serenity, peace and laziness gets shunned? Lets take a look at booze..hmmm at least 75% of all violent crimes are linked to alchohol..weird.

    GANJA? No violent crimes!! Also a crop of hemp can produce in one year what a forest takes 100 years to produce? its corporate control that started around the 20’s and 30’s by DuPont and other paper companies.

    Then came all the smear campaigns. Saying things like “You’re the only one that thinks your being creative.” What the heck is that supposed to mean?! That’s all that should matter right? I feel like I’m being creative then who cares

  • You’ve captured this pertfecly. Thanks for taking the time!