Via Robert Guest:

My quest to comment on the site is coming to an end.

Keri, my friendly contact at the ONDCP has informed me that the does not allow for any reader input. Comments are not posted and no one can register to post on the site.

Drug warriors are such cowards. Only a government blog could actually stifle free speech. My tax dollars are being wasted on this nonsense. Why does our government fear debate? What do they have to lose from the free flow of ideas?

I’ve actually wasted my time trying to respond to the anti-common sense propaganda on that site as well.

And here I thought they were just rejecting my well reasoned observations about the uselessness of the Drug War, but it turns out…they already know in advance: people that take enough time to sit down and write out a blog comment have thought the issue through and don’t agree with their position.

So, just turn comments off all together. (Of course, to keep up the farce, they have a “Send Comments” link.)