Anne Reed of Deliberations writes this week’s edition of Blawg Review: “The 17 Best Tips for Voir Dire”.

Sure, it’s a way to theme an excellent Blawg Review, but here are some of my favorites, renumbered, and in no particular order:

  1. Assume Nothing
  2. Watch for Points of View
  3. Notice How They Process Information
  4. Pay Attention to the Quiet Ones
  5. Some Just Want To Get Back to Work

Paying attention to the quiet ones in jury selection really hits home. How many times do you realize that after you and the prosecutor have fought over challenges for cause, then submitted your preemptory challenges, and the panel is called to be seated that… up to half the jury consists of those that managed to keep their mouths shut most of the time?

I guess that’s because the ones that weren’t quiet managed to put fear into one side or the other.

Next week’s Blawg Review host is Lex Ferenda, and Anne has set a high bar.