Anne Reed tagged me (and thanks for the compliment) in her Simply the Best meme, and asks that I pay it forward. I feel a bit like Robert Ambrogi, who said about being an earlier victim of the original tagger – the anonymous Blawg Review editor:

I truly hate these things. The editor of Blawg Review (who I don’t hate) has started a meme he calls Simply the Best. He’s tagged his top 10 law blogs; each of them, in turn, is supposed to tag theirs, and so on, until we end up with one great big group hug. I’ve now been tagged — by both J. Craig Williams and Monica Bay — and had to think long and hard before joining in. (Legal Blog Watch, where I co-blog with Carolyn Elefant, has also been tagged.

Here’s the problem: My feedreader tells me that I subscribe to the RSS feeds of roughly 350 blogs. Those are the ones I at least scan on a regular basis. Almost every day, it seems, I discover yet another blog that I like. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of really good blogs out there. To pick 10 from among them is somewhat arbitrary and certainly capricious.

OK, so I don’t really hate memes – I just used that block quote to tag some more folks I could have included in my list. Yes, that’s cheating. It allows to me to tag more than ten blawgers. But it’s hard to pare this down to 10.

And I’m going to cheat some more by disqualifying Defending People and Simple Justice for the same reason that Anne did, that is, that she had meme’d them earlier this week. Well, actually I’m probably disqualifying them for the real reason that she did: more cheating and it allows for more in the list. Heck, if I’m gonna think like that, I may as well disqualify Gideon and Capital Defense Weekly just because they made Anne’s list. And Doug Berman for making the original list.

Alright, enough stalling/cheating. Here’s my ‘I wish I had more spots’ and in no particular order top 10:

And polishing it off, neither a law nor even a lawyer blog, just a guy that blogs about how to blog, which all blogging lawyers can use…

There you go. Also, I left out about 30-70. But those I named must press on…

Update: Others have joined in.

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