So someone googled “marijuana is associated with other crimes” and this blog came up on the eighth page of the results. I’m tempted to say the searcher had a hard time finding good solid scientific support for his thesis, if Google couldn’t legitimize the theory in the first few pages.

Anyway, I clicked the search button to see what links came up first. Lo and behold, it’s from the Department of Justice’s website, a paper written by the National Drug Intelligence Center called the Connecticut Drug Threat Assessment from July of 2002.

It’s full of the regular propaganda we have come to know, as well as the other usual suspects: faulty logic, scare tactics and inconsistency. The paper is broken down into sections about Abuse, Availability, Violence, Production, Transportation and Distribution.

Here’s what caught my eye. Check out the entire section on ‘Violence’:

Although marijuana abusers generally do not commit violent crimes, the distribution of marijuana occasionally is associated with violent crime in Connecticut.

Most violent crime associated with marijuana distribution in the state occurs between rival criminal groups and gangs.

Some marijuana distributors commit violent crimes to protect or expand their markets.

Law enforcement officials arrested two males in Connecticut in 1998 for killing a female Jamaican flight attendant and stealing 29 pounds of marijuana that she had stored in her home.

So, let’s see… DOJ admits marijuana use does not even correlate well with violence, and certainly doesn’t cause it, but that the criminalization of marijuana does. Absolutely 100% correct.

I assume the writer felt compelled to throw in that last sentence as a scare tactic, but doesn’t the whole thing, including the ‘example’ actually reinforce the obvious conclusion that marijuana use should be legal? 

  • Pat

    Gee. And they seem to base that on one violent incident in 1998.

  • Phil

    The criminalization of marijuana gives all the power to the uneducated thug drug dealers!Thanks to ignorance, these thugs are abusing this power and hurting others. Business majors with a college education should be the ones controlling this market! So what are you going to do about it Mr. Spencer?