Criminal defense lawyer blogging might seem a logical place to launch frequent partisan political conversations; yet I have rarely, if ever done so. Trust me: it’s not that I fear my political views might alienate clients… after all, in Austin, Texas a defense attorney could anger all the Republicans in town and still do quite a healthy business.

It’s that generally speaking, I don’t find candidates of either party addressing issues that concern me professionally, or folks that become my clients. Or perhaps it’s that they don’t address those concerns in a positive way. Let’s all be ‘tough on crime’ right? And to heck with those pesky amendments, and that ole Bill of Whatever. That attitude comes in spades from both parties.

And tonight’s not necessarily different, except that it’s Saturday night, and frankly I don’t care if this post is a little ‘off topic’.

I was thrilled to see Barack Obama win tonight’s primary, and I wish him well on Super Tuesday. I’m old enough to be well outside that youngest ‘under 30’ demographic that supports Obama the most. But I must be young (and foolish?) enough to embrace his message, and the message that his potential election would send to the world.

Iowa was a surprise, but New Hampshire a bitter disappointment, especially considering the pre-election polls. I was worried after New Hampshire that the rumors were true. America wasn’t ready for a black President. Never mind that he’s the best candidate. Somehow, we just aren’t ready. Depressing.

Well, back on the bandwagon is the wrong way to say it, because I’m no newcomer to the Obama movement. [See my previous letter to the editor in the New York Times defending him against accusations in Maureen Dowd’s column. And for those wishing to make sense of it… NYT Select subscribers can read the original column here; non subscribers here.]

But I am back to being somewhere between depressed about America, and euphoric about tonight’s results. As Obama himself said in his victory speech, it’s a tough road ahead. But it’s back on track, and that’s the first step.

Other Austin Texas blogs on tonight’s SC primary results: coming soon and/or email me and I’ll hook you up with a link. Or, just leave a comment. And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging…

  • I’m a Republican, but you don’t make me mad being a Democrat.

    I’ve been begging my Democrat friends to vote for Obama. He’s probably more liberal than Hillary, but that’s not what I care about. Any Democrat is going to be too liberal.

    I tell my Donkey friends that I and other members of the very large VRWC hate Hillary ‘with the heat of a thousand suns’ (to quote Ann Coulter). We hate Hillary even more than you hate President Bush. Really!!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the next President could take off without 40% of the country hating her guts starting on day 1?

    I think so.

  • Pat

    Well Jamie you finally wrote something that I disagree with. Barack obama is an idiot about the war on drugs. I’ve been writing about Barack Obama drug warrior credentials since last summer.

    On his official senate web site he brags at being a co-sponsor of the 2005 Combat Meth Act. Here is what the National Drug Intelligence Center’s 2007 report said was the outcome, in just two short year, of that law.

    The ballooning effect of the 2005 Combat Meth Act has given America more meth. More pure meth. And more aggressive better organized international drug gangsters taking over our streets.

    Barack Obama, like all of the leading Democrat and Republican candidates for president, is a drug warrior idiot. I just hope that the Greens, the Libertarians or the Independents folks will give me a candidate who reflects and respects my social justice, civil liberties and human rights values based opposition to the Jim Crow drug war.