When Carolyn Elefant speaks, I for one listen.

I still remember the thrill of getting a link from Legal Blog Watch, when she referenced my post about Jeffrey Skilling’s sentence. It was the first of the ‘big blogs on the block’ to pick up on any of my scribblings.   And amazingly, I had been blogging about 5 minutes. Seriously, I think it was less than 5 days.

She also authors the MyShingle blog (and is a recent LexBlog convert to boot) where she writes about, inter alia

  • Showing lawyers ways to practice more profitably and efficiently,
  • Increasing competition in the profession and access to law by helping lawyers start their own law firms that can compete and thrive in the 21st century and
  • Inspiring lawyers who dream of going solo, or who are unhappy working for others to start a firm and find the personal satisfaction that previously eluded them.

Well, like most criminal defense lawyers, I already am a solo practitioner, but I knew when her book Solo by Choice was announced that I would want to read it. And then, for some reason I forgot to order it. 

Recent reviews by Simple Justice and Chuck Newton reminded me to do so, and I have. ‘It got rave reviews’ is an overused phrase, but their posts have me looking forward to its arrival even more than I would have otherwise.

I got the Super Saver Free Shipping, so it’ll be more than a week before I read it and post a review myself.

  • I just ordered Carolyn’s book yesterday, Jamie. Look forward to reading your review and comparing notes.