Or was it Ike?

Robert Arthur comments on Ike Turner’s recent death, noting many headlines such as “Cocaine Killed Ike Turner”. He surmises that there may be, as Paul Harvey likes to say, “more to the story”…

The ubiquitous headlines have been “Ike Turner Died of Cocaine Overdose” and the underlying articles have focused on his past recreational drug use. As usual the government and the media have twisted their presentation of illicit drug use to create a morality lesson.

Fatal overdoses from cocaine, as with other stimulants, are extremely rare. Most deaths labeled cocaine toxicity by medical examiners are actually due to respiratory failure. Cocaine greatly increases the heart rate and, similar to roller coasters, should not be used by those with weak hearts.

Also, drugs are often incorrectly blamed for suicides. Recreational drugs are a favored exit route because they are easier and more pleasurable than shooting oneself or throwing oneself off a precipice.

Arthur notes that Turner being in the advanced stages of emphysema may have chosen to end his own life, with cocaine as the tool rather than the cause.

People often commit suicide by running a car in a garage. Do cars get blamed?

No. But ‘Cocaine killed Ike Turner’ is apparently a better headline than ‘Ike chose to end his own life with cocaine’.

  • Melanie

    Tell it like it is.