A (former) CNCN producer gets fired for expressing his own opinions on his own blog, and the blogosphere lights up about it. Any relevance of this story to blogging lawyers out there? Probably for big firm bloggers; not so much I imagine for criminal defense attorneys.

Most criminal defense lawyers are solos to start off with, and I for one certainly don’t yearn to ever join the civil bar. (Wouldn’t know anything about how to do it either – actually it sounds kind of like a nightmare.)

As far as law blogging goes, it’s best to be solo too. The best law blogs are extensions of the lawyer’s indicidual personality. That is to say they express their actual opinions – not ones filtered by ‘the boss’.

I can give a quick example. I wrote a post last Friday night on my DWI blog that even I had reservations about. Some of those qualms ended up as part of the post. Without rehashing the whole post, suffice it to say that for various reasons I wanted to make this point:

Lots of DWI lawyer websites dispense ‘advice’ on how not to get arrested and/or convicted of DWI (don’t blow in the machine, don’t do the tests, be polite but say as little as possible, etc.). I’ve never written a single word on the subject, mostly because I think it’s plain silliness. For one thing, potential clients don’t need that advice: they have already been arrested. If you’re going to be their lawyer, you’ve got to play the cards you’re dealt.

For those who are trolling the internet, looking for ‘How To’ advice about beating your future DWI… there’s only one good piece of advice: don’t drink and drive. No, it’s not actually against the law in Texas to consume alcohol and get behind the wheel. But never driving after consumption of alcoholic beverages is the only way to ensure that you’ll be safe from arrest.

If you need more reasons, I’ve said it before: it’s cheaper to rent a helicopter to fly you home than to get arrested for DWI – and no, I’m not just talking about my fee.

Perhaps it’s pretty basic stuff for 99% of blogs out there, but my particular blog is a DWI defense lawyer blog, and as far as the blog is a tool to attract clients, not necessarily what prospective clients want to hear.

But then again, I’m my own boss, so I can say what I like. There are a few ‘DWI Law Firms’ in Austin, where the client’s case gets assigned out to one of several associates to handle. Some of these firms have DWI blogs as well. And I doubt that if I worked for someone else that I would have been allowed to post such an entry to ‘the company blog’.