Houston criminal defense lawyer Randall Kallinen posted the link to this story on the newly formed Texas defense lawyers listserv:

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) – A 10-year-old Nebraska girl is slowly losing her life to brain cancer. She has one wish will put her to ease: to see her dad. But it may not happen.

The little girl’s name is Jayci Yaeger.

"The tumors are growing and hemorrhaging and right now nothing there’s nothing they can do for here, just keep her comfortable," says Vonda Yaeger, Jayci’s mother.

Cancerous brain tumors have taken over, and Jayci moved into a Lincoln, Nebraska hospice center this week. Her mother can only watch as her daughter slowly disappears–a girl who just six months ago was vibrant and energetic.

"She needs to be where she can be peaceful and happy and not in pain," says Vonda.

However, Jayci isn’t ready to go just yet. She’s got one more thing to do before she dies. Hug her daddy.

"She’s very scared," says Vonda. "I think she’s holding on for her father."

The thing is, Jason Yaeger is sitting in a federal minimum security prison camp in South Dakota serving five and a half years for a drug conviction. He’s got one year left.

Jason and the Yaeger family have appealed many times to the warden for a 30-day supervised release. He’s been denied, and they say the prison tells them the circumstances are not "extraordinary."

Jason is scheduled to be released to a local halfway house in August, but doctors and her family believe by then it will be too late. Now, they’re just waiting, hoping something will change.

A quick skimming of the comments section, and I only totaled 3 out of 98 comments – so far – that were of the “DO THE TIME DO THE CRIME” variety. (Sorry for all the caps, readers, but I thought it was appropriate even while paraphrasing to keep the anonymous idiot internet commenter code of always yelling.)

So, does that mean there’s roughly three percent of the population that wants to hammer your client on a drug case, and ninety seven percent that are at least capable of compassion for a non violent offense? In Texas, where we have the option of jury punishment, even for the slam dunk guilty defendants, it’s something to think about…