David Terrell has moved “In the Moment” to a new address, while keeping the name of the blog. Robert Guest starts over as “Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer”. (Given the lack of originality of my own blog’s name, I suppose am not allowed to join the chorus of blawgers who lament Guest’s abandonment of “I Was The State”.)

Both of these guys are must-subscribes in any criminal defense lawyer’s RSS reader, so make sure to update accordingly.

  • Moved and opened a new office

    Bennett & Hernandez
    South Texas criminal defense attorneys committed to providing the highest caliber criminal defense services in San Antonio and the State of Texas.

    At Bennett & Hernandez our attorneys have handled hundreds of jury trials, bench trials, and pre-trial agreements throughout South Texas. Our experienced South Texas criminal defense attorneys have successfully handled complex criminal cases including murder, domestic violence, aggravated assault, drug offenses, juvenile cases, probation violations, sex crimes, fraud, child abuse, computer crimes, DUI / DWI, forfeitures, expungements, jail releases and appeals.