A Harris County Lawyer (yes, that’s the name – it’s an anonymous blogger – probably a prosecutor in the Harris County D.A.’s Office) objects to the ‘fear mongering” on fellow defense lawyer Mark Bennett’s blog:

Okay, I don’t know how long this has been up on Bennett’s website, but I just noticed this blurb he has in the upper right-hand corner:

Defending People is about protecting the people, one at a time, from the only viable threat to their liberty: their government.

Um, isn’t he the one who has been blasting prosecutors for instilling fear in people?

I plan to fully investigate this, but right now, I’m hiding under my covers because the government is trying to get me.

This actually has to do with AHCL’s unwavering support of Kelly Siegler for Harris County DA, and refers to Bennett’s post about Siegler’s fearmongering.

But, while AHCL is on the subject, what’s wrong with Mark’s tag line?

Murderers (some would argue the State included) can take your life.

Thieves can take your property.

You can forfeit your own dignity.

But who besides the government can take your liberty?

  • A Harris County Lawyer

    I wasn’t objecting to Mark using it, for the record. I was actually making fun of him, since he had gone on a tirade about fear mongering the earlier in the week. I actually thought it was kind of funny.

    And I would argue that kidnappers can take your liberty.

  • Dee

    Hi Jamie thanks for visiting my site. I just linked to you in my last post.