The Sheriff’s Office publishes a list of everyone booked into the Travis County Jail, and I’ve been watching it over the last week or so to keep track of the new policy of housing Immigration (ICE) in the jail. The numbers of folks listed under ‘INS Detainer’ has certainly increased exponentially.

But today I noticed that there were over thirty arrests for prostitution this weekend, and while I don’t look at the list regularly, much less keep detailed statistics,  I’m pretty sure that means there was a john sting operation.

This must mean that the Austin Police Department spent a ton of your money, dressing an undercover officer up as a hooker, and sent her out to solicit sex from ‘johns,’ that is to say, men looking for prostitutes. Or maybe they were stopped at a light because it was red, and had no intention of doing anything but passing through, until they were propositioned by a cop.

It used to be that I’d see these things publicized in the local paper – not the names of the arrestees, but the fact that the police department had run a sting, and how proud they were that they had arrested so many people, etc. But I’ve searched Google News and the Austin American Statesman, and I can’t find a press release or anything.

Hey, if you guys aren’t going to brag about this, is that some sort of indication that you think public support for these stings is waning? And if so, any chance you could use our money on something more useful?

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  • I agree, these types of offenses are typically victimless. To spend substantial amounts of tax money seems senseless.

  • Annette

    An elderly friend (74) was arrested at a Texas airport with possession of a gram of pot. A dog picked up the scent and he was taken to secondary luggage check.

    He has a medical card in California for it (he has severe glaucoma). I know it is a Federal offense and now know Texas is much stricter about possession than California.

    His court date is coming up and I wonder what is the lightest sentence/fine he might be able to get, if he pleads no contest?

    I can imagine the worse case is a large fine with 6 months in jail or some such sentence.

    {I just read one of your responses $2,000 with 180 days in jail?)

    I would appreciate any comments. I bailed him out and will be attending court with him.

    Considering his age, and albeit disallowed medical reason in Texas, he certainly is no dealer.