For the Iraq War Blogstorm project, some quick thoughts on how the War on Drugs is like the War in Iraq:

Both Wars

  • Are costing the American taxpayer billions and billions of dollars. Trillions if the full economic costs are calculated.
  • Have huge ‘cottage’ industries supporting them, and someone is getting rich off of them.
  • Cost American lives. And foreign lives, of course – for those who care.
  • Are premised on lies.
  • Depend on ignorance. The more people educate themselves about the truth, and find out what’s really going on, the less they support both wars.
  • Allow most politicians to spout sound bites and platitudes (full of sound and fury, and signifying, well…)
  • Are the only 2 things Ron Paul is 100% right about. But, he’s 100% correct on 2 major issues where most pols are only running approximately 0-25%.
  • Have blogs devoted to them. Most of these blogs are anti-War blogs (or is it just that those are the ones I read?)

That was off the top of my head and took about two minutes. Only five minutes until the anniversary is over, so this post is done. Depressing how similar they really are. Feel free to add more suggestions in the comments section. I’ve probably covered only 10% of the available ideas on the subject.

And, by the way, the major difference? Only one of them is a real war. The ‘War on Drugs’ is not a war – at least it’s not a war on drugs.

  • Danny S

    I could not agree with you more that both the War on Drugs and the War on Iraq are incredibly pointless. This country’s zealous prosecution of drug users, instead of rehabilitation, is a big reason why 1% of US adults are currently incarcerated. Drug addiction, is a sickness that needs to be treated, not locked away in a cell to fester.

    Too bad there isn’t a magical pill the American people can take to cure themselves of our current administration.

  • Carlos

    Here Here Here.

    I like the part that it depends on our ignorance as citizens to push it on us and make us believe that both wars are good things.