From Grit’s ‘Statesman Late to the Stop Snitching Party’:

In the Austin Statesman today, Joshunda Sanders has a story informing us, "’Stop Snitching’ sentiment spreads to Austin," and I’ll expand here on comments I left under her story on the newspaper’s site.

First, three years ago after I began writing about this topic, a friend bought me a "Stop Snitching" t-shirt from a vendor here in Austin. I don’t wear it much, but I’ve seen the shirts here and there ever about town ever since. So why do we now we get a story saying the sentiment is "spreading to Austin"?

The article quotes almost exclusively police sources, including one bizarre claim that’s blatantly, patently false: "The word ‘snitch’ gives [police] pause”, writes Sanders, "’The only people who call it ‘snitching’ are crooks talking to crooks,’ said former Homicide Commander Harold Piatt with the Austin Police Department, who is now retired."

Actually, the reporter unintentionally reveals how untrue the policeman’s claim is. From further on in the article itself, a witness tells her:

"People always say ‘don’t snitch’ out here," she said, "But you should snitch because cooperating with police can help you keep your community safe."

Let’s apply the ‘crooks talking to crooks rule’.

The witness uses the word ‘snitch’.  So… she’s a crook. And she’s talking to the person writing the article. Also a crook.

For a prosecutor’s viewpoint on the article, see Steanso for more substantive – by which I really mean less smart alec – commentary.

Update: Another example of crooks/journalists using the word snitch. H/T: Dallas Criminal Defense

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