Fellow blogging Texas lawyer Todd Smith already said it best, so this is just a cut and paste:

Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog recently started a group on LinkedIn to try and connect with more folks in the legal industry who have an interest in blogging.  The group is already up to about 350 members and could eventually grow into the thousands.

Kevin says he’s going to focus the group on ways to exchange information about blogging.  If you’re on LinkedIn (I am, and you can view my profile here), then click through to Kevin’s post and join.  And if you don’t know Kevin, you should.  He really knows his stuff.

Requires signing up for LinkedIn – of course – but that’s already reconnected me to several folks I knew from a long time back. Basically I’m looking forward to 2 things. Subscribing to good blogs I didn’t know about, and yes, of course, the potential for link love.

  • How to “exchange information about blogging” . . . let’s see, let’s see . . . hmmm. Oh, I know! . . . no, that’d never work . . . wait, how about! . . . no, that wouldn’t work either . . . no, I’ve got it! I’ve got it! Why not . . .


  • Oh, you want to take the easy way out, hunh?

  • Thanks for spreading the word Jamie. Now I need to be able to add some things allowing folks to communicate among themsleves.

  • I was wondering about that actually, now that you mention it.