Maybe it’s because I’m a new parent, but I’m starting to become more interested in the topic of criminalizing normal child behavior.

Ron’s Insanity is starting a collection of Crazy School Stories:

I’ve got a file on crazy school stories. Now these are the ones that make the newspaper and often tend to be quite egregious. These are stories like strip searching a 13 year old girl over Motrin or suspending a kid over eating at lunch with a steak knife.

However, I’m frankly surprised and shocked at the number of people who have school "horror" stories…

Since I’m already getting active lobbying my local school board and since I’ve decided that it’s time to start taking this to the Texas Legislature, I want to have as many stories as possible to shock our lawmakers into putting an end to some of this insanity.

Ron’s asking for emails, so if you have actual experiences to relate, head over there and help out.