Most of the time the War on Drugs is actually a pretty sad thing, but every once in a while, something amusing comes out of it:

An unwitting passenger arriving at Japan’s Narita airport has received 142g of cannabis after a customs test went awry, officials say.

A customs officer hid a package of the banned substance in a side pocket of a randomly chosen suitcase in order to test airport security.

Sniffer dogs failed to detect the cannabis and the officer could not remember which bag he had put it in.

Who said there’s no such thing as unwitting possession?

  • Hi! I was wondering about marijuana.

    If I had a P.O.M.

  • Craig

    I sure hope that passenger was heading to Holland and not Thailand.

  • Craig:

    Nice one.


    Don’t take this the wrong way, but after your abbrieviated comment, I’m thiking maybe you did have a P.O.M., if you get my drift…


  • anonymous

    the cop smoked all of it, duh