“Hi, Dennis.”

Bumped into fellow Austin criminal defense lawyer Jon Evans in the courthouse last week, and he had just looked me right in the eyes and said, “Hi, Dennis”.

I’ve known Jon for as long as I’ve been a lawyer. He officed upstairs in the old Stewart Title Building when I was first out of law school and practicing on the first floor. He had only been practicing for about 5-6 years at the time, but he was already one of the most seasoned trial lawyers in Austin.

That was more than ten years ago. We have enjoyed each other’s company while standing in line chatting about interesting issues and recent cases and the like. 

And I’m 100% certain he knows my name is “Jamie”. But he said, “Hi Dennis”. He also had that Jon Evans grin.

I said “Hunh?” (I am getting a bit deaf in my middle age.)

“Hi, Dennis. You’re Dennis Toad right?”

Ahhhhh. I see said the blind man. Jon thought I was the anonymous author of a new “blog” that had appeared recently in the Austin blogosphere: “Austin Law News”. The author is listed as “Dennis Toad” but s/he has clearly gone to great lengths to remain anonymous – some would say “with good reason”.

Taint me.

One of my other accusers (there’s been more than Jon) pointed out to me that if it were my doing, then I would still be denying it to his face. Probably true, but it’s still not me.

I have my suspicions, but I’ll keep them to myself (unless you want to walk up to me in the courthouse and talk to me in semi-private about it).

So… Dennis Toad, please email me anonymously if you wish, but tell me…

Who are you?

UPDATEKeith Lauerman isn’t Dennis Toad either.

  • I’m not sure this post worked.

    This morning – 2 days after the original post – a judge asked me…

    “Are you Dennis Toad?”

    Still no.