This is an experiment. OK – it’s a Cinco de Mayo fueled experiment.

There’s some odd bloglike but not quite a blog site out there named NorthLoop Neighborhoods that seems to cut and paste pieces of ACDL and post them without comment.

I’m posting this at 11:16 P.M. to see whether NorthLoop Neighborhoods picks it up, and if it does, how quickly it does it.

Update: It took about 45 minutes for NorthLoop to post this.

  • You know what’s funny? I have a Google Alert set up to e-mail me every time someone links to my blog. This morning, when I woke up, I saw that there was such an e-mail. Turns out the link was from Northloop, not your link in this post here.

  • Where all do you post your blogs?

  • Gideon:

    I’ve learned about folks linking to me through NorthLoop as well; that is, instead of the more traditional way.


    I probably don’t understand your question because my answer is that this is my blog, and I post, um… right here?

  • mk

    I LOL’ed when I clicked on the North Loop Neighborhoods site – it looks hilarious. You would think someone would at least monitor the damn thing!

  • At least they included the ‘Courtesy of’ link! 🙂 Thieves 🙂