I often get asked by new criminal law bloggers how best to get noticed by other bloggers so that they can get linked to. Actually there’s an easy answer: link out to others, and they will start reading your blog and link back to you.

While you’re at it, feel free to let the person you’re linking to know it in an email. They may not have noticed (although, as you get more and more into blogging, you’ll start to recognize when folks do). Here’s an email exchange from a relatively new blogger that is already posting frequent high quality content:


I’ve just started a new blog, Mississippi Criminal Defense Law Blog, www.mscriminallawblog.com, and wanted to reach out to you for any advice or comments you might have on blogging on the topic of criminal law.  I’ve been reviewing your posts and with permission will start making some comments on a few in the future.  I have also linked to your sites on my blogroll – I hope that is okay.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Kevin W. Frye
Attorney at Law

My answer:

First and foremost, never ask permission to link to me: just do it!

Haha.  No, but seriously, thank you, and by the way, linking out to others is the best, quickest, easiest way to get them to notice you and to get them to link back to you.

And feel free to grab snippets of what folks say (yes, me included) and comment on why it is wrong as well as why it is ‘right’.  It helps a little if I actually am wrong, but again, in the practical blawgosphere, that’s more than welcome.

Blogging is a discussion – either in the comments section, or between blogs.

You’ve definitely got a good start.  I’ll be linking to you in my next edition of "blogrolling" – if not before then.

Thanks for the email, and by the way, at the beginning, feel free to email folks when you link to them (you won’t need to do it with me – I’m subscribing to your blog now, and I would have seen it anyway on Technorati) – but I mean don’t feel bashful if you link to someone and you want them to know you did.

Finally, permission (and you should ask permission for this one) to reprint your email to me?  And my response to you?  I’ll include a link about your new blog of course, but probably post it as "advice to new criminal defense bloggers".  Or I can just leave you out of it and anon-o-mize it.

Good luck.  Looking forward to more posts from you.


Perhaps it’s not obvious, but just in case, let me add “reprinted with permission”.