Houston defense lawyer Mark Bennett bemoans other lawyers reacting to this story before he can:

Lots of folks had something to say about this:

Grits, Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Guest, Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer Shawn Matlock, Connecticut public defender Gideon, and New York criminal defense lawyer Scott Greenfield.

Ordinarily you would think that by the time the Connecticut and New York bloggers got to a Texas topic it would be as dead as Eight Belles and not in need of further flogging.

But the two Gs are on top of things, so their posts never scare me off. I though of an angle — how are the prosecutors on the TDCAA forums reacting? — only to find that Wise County, Texas criminal defense lawyer Barry Green had beaten me to it. Bryan, Texas criminal defense lawyer Stephen Gustitis went there, too.

[Boy, if that wasn’t the cheesiest way to link to a bunch of folks without doing any real work myself…]