Let’s say you want to print out Subsection (i) of Section 13 ‘DWI Community Supervision’ of Texas’ probation statute (Code of Criminal Procedure 42.12) that deals with when you do and don’t have to install an ignition interlock on your vehicle.

Here’s a money saving tip:

Make sure when you highlight the relevant section that you change the page range from ‘All’ to ‘Selection’ before you click ‘print’. Otherwise you may print out all of 42.12.

I’d hate to see anyone waste about a hundred pages of paper. Texas sure does have a very lengthy probation statute, doesn’t it?

  • Did I dream that someone had published an index to Article 42.12?

  • If they didn’t, they should.

    Just to be clear, ‘they’ means someone other than me, but otherwise I’m all for it.

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