I see that my buddy and noted Texas defense lawyer Mark Bennett is speaking at Center for American and International Law CLE called “The Mind and Criminal Defense”. It’s a one day course on Capital Mitigation and it sure looks interesting, but unfortunately it conflicts with my schedule.

Other defense lawyers – especially those that do death penalty litigation, which I do not – should seriously consider attending if at all possible.

Bennett is giving a talk on “Free Will: What It Is and What We Can Do With It”. I wonder how he feels about being billed as Mark Bennett, Esq.

  • That man sounds so ridiculous, I don’t understand a single word he’s saying!

  • AH. WJ – first I thought you were talking about Mark (not that you couldn’t be, haha) but I think perhaps you meant to leave that comment on the post right before this one?

    The ‘Innocence Project’ post?

    Tell me I’m wrong…

  • Western Justice

    Yes. It seems indeed that I just insulted a respectful and smart blogger by posting on the wrong comments!! Sorry Mark!!

  • Fooble gooble jooble roo. Skrawk tak? Yummula jubbula haw haw haw.

  • Actually, Jamie, it’s not just about capital mitigation. We need to get used to considering the mitigating effects of mental illness and traumatic brain injuries in all sorts of cases, especially since TBI is the signature injury of the Iraq war.