Keeping up with all the new criminal defense blogs popping up can be quite the chore sometimes. It’s well worth the time and effort, but I can’t tell you how many times I run across someone that’s been posting for awhile that I’m just now running across.

Got a request from Simple Justice to run another Criminal Law Blog survey similar to the one I did last year. The results came in two parts and were published in June of ’07. Although originally conceived as a method to rate the “Top 10” blogs, I ended up listing 23 blogs over the two part results posts.

I’m going to do it a little differently this time around. To heck with a rating system, or a Top 10, or Top 100. Just send me the name and URL of every good criminal defense type blog you read regularly or subscribe. And of course, don’t forget to tell me who you are. Everyone will get listed.

You could tell me just to count everyone in your blogroll, if you must, but let’s face it – blogrolls get a little stale. Do me a favor and cull through the best of them, by which I mostly mean those that still publish somewhat regularly. 

You can leave a comment on this post, or better still just email me at  Bonus points – which to be perfectly fair are worth nothing except they’ll help me compile this list – are given to folks who mention that I am running this survey on their own blogs. (Don’t forget to email me and let me know you’ve done that.)

I’ll post the results in 2 weeks, and depending on how fast and furious the responses come in, possibly sooner, and possibly after that as well. How’s that for a really strict set of rules and guidelines. 

As always, professor blogs, law student blogs, and yes those oh-so-few prosecutor blogs are being sought after too, so give me a shout out, and let me know what you’re reading out there.

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  • Criminal defense practice and public defenders:
    A Public Defender
    DUI Blog
    Hostis Civitas
    Defending People
    Simple Justice
    Woman in Black
    Arbitrary and Capricious
    Norm Pattis
    Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer
    Dallas Criminal Defense Blog

    Criminal defense law:
    Law of Criminal Defense
    Sentencing Law and Policy
    The Volokh Conspiracy

    Western Justice
    Crim Law

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  • Simple Justice
    Defending People The Art and Science of Criminal Defense Trial Lawyering
    Oklahoma Criminal Defense Blogspot
    Gideon’s Guardians
    Grits for Breakfast
    Governing Through Crime
    Law of Criminal Defense

  • Marina

    The Guantanamo Blog
    The Legal Satyricon
    Woman of the Law
    In the Moment
    Night Court

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  • Always curious to see what criminal prosecutors think about bail bondsmen?? I know defense attorneys and bondsmen have pretty symbiotic relationships. It would be interesting to see more prosecutors takes on certain topics.

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