Hat Tip: Simple Justice 

At least he ends it with the line:

I’m fine with using DNA to find people innocent it they’re truly innocent. I just want you to know that.

I’m sure they’re happy to have your permission to do that, Senator.

  • Western Justice

    yes, this is the guy that I think is ridiculous and that I cannot undestand!!

  • doug

    you know i always love the people that think that your guilty until proven innocent.the people that think its better for an innocent man to go jail because its better for society hopefully will be wrongfully accused of something and get sent to jail! while it destroys their relationships with family and friends.i also hope that they get raped and molested and beat up on a regular bases and while all this happens you can keep thinking to your self how great your idea was that it’s better for an innocent person to go to jail then setting a guilty one free!if you think it can’t happen to you, you better think again all it takes is one false accusation.plus with the over rampit police corruption and the planting of evidence because they want to get the supposed criminal.so good luck and you better hope nobody accuses you.