…or “How To Not Get Arrested for DWI”

Background for the Post

I went to see Steanso and his band play some excellent tunes from the 80’s a few months ago and it was a great gig. Folks were talking about it all over the Travis County Courthouse for some time afterwards. Rumor is the setlist got published or at least emailed, and that there might be a second go-round. And that they might take requests in advance. I hope so.

When I got home that night, I thought, “I should write a post called the $100 six pack”. Never got around to it.

Yesterday, Jason reminded me that it’s now the two year anniversary of Jeff’s passing. Time to write the post. The details about that night at the skating rink are slightly fuzzier now – more from aging than alcohol – so I might get something wrong in the telling, but the point remains the same. Here goes:

The $100 Six Pack

I don’t get out much anymore (see: twin toddlers) but when I heard that Jason’s band was playing one of my favorite genres – 80’s classics – I knew I had to go.

I was also pretty sure that hanging out late at night in a skating rink listening to songs from my youth could be enhanced by the consumption of an alcoholic beverage. Or two. OK, maybe more.

So here’s the point about the ‘$100 Six Pack’:

I took a cab.

That’s it. I took a cab there. I took a cab back. I live in South Austin. The band was playing at 183 & MoPac. North Austin. Google Maps says that’s 12+ miles and 18+ minutes from my house. 

My house to the 7/11 to the Skating Rink/Band and back to my house.

That’s – what? – almost 25 miles and when you factor in waiting for me to run into the convenience store… it’s a big bill. If my memory serves me, the whole night cost just under $100.

I went and saw the band, and I think I polished off 5 beers over several hours. Then I took a cab back home.

$100 is a lot to spend for a ‘night out on the town’ – but there was an exactly 0.0000% chance that I would be arrested for DWI and it’s also a lot less expensive than getting arrested.

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